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Bell Tents

Fully Furnished

Enjoy a incredible day or weekend hire of our charming bell tents for any special occasion & age. Birthday celebration or pamper party, to an overnight stay under the stars for a romantic getaway, girls’ night in or a sleepover, our beautifully decorated bell tents provide the perfect backdrop for all events.


Fully Furnished Package

Our Fully Furnished Bell Tents are a home away from home. With everything from the Part-Decorated Package and more, this really is a Dream come True!

This package includes:

  • A 4m, 5m, or 6m bell tent, depending on your requirements.

  • Bell Tent Zipped In Flooring

  • Delivery & Set-Up

  • 24 hour hire

  • Collection & Dismantle 

  • Fabric Bunting

  • Flower Bunting

  • Lanterns

  • Rugs

  • Carpets

  • Bed Frames

  • Foam Mattress

  • Bedding

  • Cushions

  • End Tables

  • And more...

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